Eat Right to Sleep Tight

By Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN, AHN-BC, AHG and Lynn AllisonThe right food at the right time can get you ready for a good night’s sleep. Can’t sleep through the night? If you find yourself tossing Read More

The Cayenne Cure

By Meghan Rabbit Move the black pepper aside. Cayenne’s got a lot more flavor—and does more for your health than you might imagine. Malcolm Taw, MD, assistant clinical professor at the UCLA Center for East-West Read More

The Downside of Protein Loading

Should I worry about eating too much protein? If you’re not pumping up your intake, you don’t have much to worry about. The American Dietetic Association recommends 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body Read More

Health Matters—Acupuncture Delivers

By Jessica Rosen The latest news in the battle against labor pain has expectant mothers on pins and needles—literally. It seems acupuncture treatments may ease discomfort during labor and delivery. A recent study published by Read More

Nutrient Profile—Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin found in many plant sources. It is a powerful antioxidant that is necessary for tissue growth, adrenal function, and oral health. Clinical applications As an antioxidant, vitamin C promotes Read More

Say Good Night to Insomnia

By Nina ZolotowYou’ve tried it all—chamomile tea, hot baths, aromatherapy, melatonin—and nothing works. Your insomnia obviously calls for something a little stronger than a glass of warm milk. In fact, you need something that packs Read More

Gentler Pain Relief

Imagine if you could relieve your aging parents’ pain simply by massaging their feet, playing their favorite music, or even urging them to take up karaoke. It’s possible, according to a 14-month project in 163 Read More

Natural Beauty—Good Scents

By Allison Hoover Bartlett Running late, my husband and I rush into the movie theater and quickly scan the place for seats. We excuse ourselves past half a row of agitated popcorn-chompers and settle into Read More

Healing Power of Flowers

By Vonalda Utterback, CNWhether as bouquets in our homes and offices or blooming in our gardens, flowers have a wondrous ability to bring joy and rejuvenation simply by their presence in our lives. While their Read More

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