Gentler Pain Relief

Imagine if you could relieve your aging parents’ pain simply by massaging their feet, playing their favorite music, or even urging them to take up karaoke. It’s possible, according to a 14-month project in 163 Read More

Natural Beauty—Good Scents

By Allison Hoover Bartlett Running late, my husband and I rush into the movie theater and quickly scan the place for seats. We excuse ourselves past half a row of agitated popcorn-chompers and settle into Read More

Lutein: A Proven Vision-Booster

Here’s news anyone with vision problems will be glad to see: A new study has confirmed the first effective treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of vision loss in this country. Read More

Sources of Antioxidants

Q I know how important antioxidants are for my health. I would prefer to get as many as possible through food sources rather than supplementation. Can you suggest an easy way to choose the most Read More

Spotlight on Heartburn

By Michael Castleman When Sandy Bush, 35, of Canyon Country, California, went to see his doctor complaining of extreme heartburn, it seemed like the least of his problems. His wife had just left him for Read More

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