Tips to Treat Migraines

I started having migraines when I was 51 and I am now 63 and still have several every month. Of course I have tried a preventative and I use triptans as needed, but I have Read More

Summer Survival Kit

Skin Care Summer may be the one time of year when most people are likely to wear sunscreen every day. But even that isn’t enough, unless you’re wearing the right kind. “If it doesn’t say Read More

Eat Your Way Smart

News reports and ad campaigns tout blueberries one day and apples the next as the super-powered brain food du jour. This makes for great stories and certainly grabs people’s attention, but can some foods really Read More

Natural Tips for Outdoor Survival

Aloe vera: A Natural  Miracle Plant It is difficult to find any product more natural than aloe products. If you have room in your life for just one indoor plant, make it aloe vera. The Read More

Tips to Treat Gout

By Mark Hyman, MD Q My husband has been bothered by a tender big toe, which he attributes to arthritis. I think the rich food he loves has given him gout. How can we find Read More

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