Treat Your Arthritis Without Drugs

What’s My Alternative? Arthritis Lenore Pristash was determined to cope with the arthritis in her neck and spine—after all, the 66-year-old was a former aerobics instructor and lifelong golfer, and she was used to being Read More

Tips to Manage Diabetes

I am 57 years old and have had Type 2 diabetes for 5 years now. I do not have it under control and I don’t want to use insulin. I am always tired and have Read More

Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe?

  Q. I’m diabetic. Should I use artificial sweeteners, such as Splenda or NutraSweet, instead of sugar? A. As you know, when you eat sugar (or simple carbohydrates), your blood glucose levels rise, and your Read More

Say Good Night to Insomnia

By Nina ZolotowYou’ve tried it all—chamomile tea, hot baths, aromatherapy, melatonin—and nothing works. Your insomnia obviously calls for something a little stronger than a glass of warm milk. In fact, you need something that packs Read More

D is for (Bone) Density

You might think women with osteoporosis would be almost certain to get enough vitamin D, which is critical for absorbing calcium and stemming bone loss. But 52 percent of those being treated for the disease Read More

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